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Super-G's tin plated steel U-channel patented design significantly reduces conduction-keeping your home more comfortable.

What is insulated glass? Insulated glass contains two panes of glass, a spacer and a hot melt butyl that seals everything together. Titan calls this insulated glass, Super-G

The secret is the steel spacer-Super-G features a unique patent, one-piece, tin plated steel, U channeled spacer that creates an effective thermal barrier--reducing energy loss through the glass edges.

Super-G spacer keep the edges of the window glass warmer than conventional aluminum spacer, so your home feels more comfortable in the winter. Super-G not only reduces problem condensation around the glass perimeter, but allows the glass to flex, preventing premature seal failures and stress cracks.

TITAN’S LOW EMISSIVITY GLASS - LO-E hp (high-performance)

Super-G combined with Lo-E hp gives you one of the industry's best performing insulated glass units. Windows provide wonderful natural light, but they can also account for a large percentage of the annual energy consumer in a home. You can order windows with optional Lo-E hp glass. Low emissivity or Lo-E glass is heat reflective glass. It can take energy savings further, by optimizing both the sun's heat, and your home's heating and cooling systems-making your home more comfortable. Although Lo-E glass has been around for years, not all Lo-E glass is the same.

How does Lo-E hp work? Two microscopically thin, virtually transparent, metal oxide coatings are applied to the glass. They reflect heat inside in winter and outside in summer, saving you energy and money. Lo -E hp's coating also block 84 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays, and can improve your window's performance by as much as 24 percent.


By combining Argon gas with Lo-E hp and Super-G you have constructed the optimum in high performance glass. The space between the two panes of glass in an insulated window acts like insulation by trapping air. By replacing the trapped air with Argon gas-a safe, odorless, non-toxic gas that is present in the atmosphere-energy efficiency can be greatly enhanced. Argon is 40 percent denser than air, and is a much better insulator. In fact, Argon can improve a window's energy efficiency by as much as 6 percent.

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